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Constructing a Digital Team of the Future


Nodes Whitepaper – July 2019

How do I structure, set up, and manage a digital team capable of adaption in 2019?

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See how Nodes, ZTE Corporation, Sky betting and gaming and Pure Planet structure their digital teams.

Constructing a Digital Team 1 - Copy of Constructing a Digital Team

A digital and agile team is now critical for companies to grow.

Digital teams are responsible for developing, testing, and implementing strategies to move a business towards reaching their goals through digital channels and technologies like IT, web, mobile, and social. Although this definition is relatively straightforward and easy to understand, it doesn’t dig deeper into the notion that ‘digital’ is something your team is, not always something they do.

Download our whitepaper today and see how industry leading companies are structuring their teams.

  • We identify three things every digital business needs
  • You get valuable insight from global companies
  • Avoid the pitfalls that stall progress

Setting up a digital team

We have broken the whitepaper into three key sections, interlaced with case studies and quotes from industry leading companies.

Section One: Implementing the right technology
Section Two: Structure and digital mindset
Section Three: Training, hiring, managing


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