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Roxana Jula nominated for Developer of the year at Wonder Tech Awards – Q&A

Roxana Jula nominated for Developer of the year at Wonder Tech Awards – Q&A

Our awesome colleague Roxana Jula has been nominated as Developer of the year at WonderTech Awards. What a great achievement. The WonderTech Summit Awards (WTS awards) want to find, recognise and celebrate the Nordic region’s biggest tech success stories. The awards ceremony are a set of 18 awards that are given to honor professionals in the tech industry; recognising their talents and excellence in technological achievements as assessed by the judging committee. Roxana made the final round so far. We asked Roxana a couple of questions about her background, working as a developer, how she stays up to date, technology trends and for her best advice to anyone who wants to make a career in tech.

What is your professional background?

I am an Associate Senior Mobile Developer at the Aarhus Nodes office, and I have been with the company for almost 2 years now. Originally I am from Romania where I started coding at 13 year of age, 8 years ago I moved to Denmark to build up my career in tech. I studied Software and Web Development Bachelor in Aarhus and I will soon be moving to our new office in Dubai to help spread the Nodes company culture.

Best thing about being a developer?

There are many advantages that come with being a developer. You get to build something that can reach millions of users in no time and that is extremely powerful. Against popular belief by non developers, coding is a very social and creative field. There is an incredibly supportive community on forums and social media where programmers share their findings and help each other. On a daily basis you get to learn new things, do problem solving and generally challenge yourself, which I personally think it’s amazing. Being able to work remotely is a big plus and I am lucky that sometimes I can go back to my hometown and be with my family for a few days while not having to miss out on work days.

Roxana Jula developer 2019 - Roxana Jula nominated for Developer of the year at Wonder Tech Awards - Q&A

When it comes to personality, what is more important for being a developer?

In my opinion, a professional developer shouldn’t focus only on the hard technical skills. Equally important are the soft skills that are part of your personality. Those skills could be communication, flexibility, team work and time management and they all play an important part. Each of those add up to what makes each developer special in his/her own way.

How do you keep your knowledge up to date?

Learning never stops in this career, technologies change extremely fast and a big part of being a good developer is being able to adapt.
I try to pick up something new (books or online courses) whenever I get the chance and it’s not always directly connected to my daily work as an app developer. For example, last year I did an online training on IBM Blockchain which made me understand one of the most hyped techs of today.
Another way I like keeping up to date with the latest trends is by attending tech conferences and events and by being active on social media platforms.

If you could master one technology this year, what would it be?

For some time I have been following the progress of augmented reality. I am working to become an AR Specialist this year as I really enjoy this technology and I strongly believe it will become a mainstream part of our lives in a few years. I am currently working on an AR focused app for a Nodes client, reading AR specialised books and doing online tutorials. A couple of weeks ago we had an internal hackathon where me and my team worked on an AR assistant for the office, you could see live meeting rooms availability and information in augmented reality, virtual departments signs and even an astronaut greeting you at the door. Last year when I attended Web Summit in Portugal, I focused on the AR talks and it was very inspiring to see so many big companies investing in the future of this technology.

Tips for others who want to become a developer? Where do you start?

You should start with asking yourself a few questions: Do you have a specific product idea? Do you want to work for that awesome company? Do some research and see what tech stacks could fit for your specific scenario. Or do you want to just get started? Two of the platforms I always recommend for new developers is Codecademy and Udemy and if you want to do mobile apps I can strongly recommend the RayWenderlich platform, I have been using it from day 0. You can follow my tech focused Instagram account for more insights as my life as a developer.

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NodesAarhus 9082 - Roxana Jula nominated for Developer of the year at Wonder Tech Awards - Q&A
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